The Scent of Two Cities

So let me explain this title, our newest fragrance number 8 was inspired by the cities of London and Paris. Since we create most of our fragrances based on the places we've been and memories, these two places were perfectly fitting. 

The scents and aromas we remember are hard to describe, some were common and some very unique. We first went to London in August of 2014 we stayed in the beautiful artsy London neighborhood of Shoreditch and right off of popular Brick Lane. While there walking around and going into markets we were overcome with smells of curry from restaurants in Banglatown, whiffs of sophistication from the bespoke shops and of course the sent of pending rain. A few days later we headed off to Paris and went site seeing in a lot of the touristy parts of course and we were surprised how empty the city was. I wasn't until later we learned that Paris shops and businesses close down for the entire month of August. Some of the scents we smelled were less than desirable but when we were in and out of boutiques and markets there were these hard to pin down aromas of vanilla, coffee, exotic florals and of course wonderful aromas of pastries and croissants.

With that being said, our fragrance #8 was born after many experimental blends and got it's name due to the 8th month of the year in which we went to Europe. It's a very sexy, warm and mysterious fragrance that is a little sweet, woody and slightly oriental. It's one of our best sellers and we are constantly running out. We intend on adding larger sized bottles as it has been requested by customers. 



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