No matter how many times I have worn false eyelashes I used to butcher the process. It took me a long time to master it. They end up looking great but is there a quicker easier application? Why yes there is.

First of all as most of us know, a full strip of lashes is made to go across the entire length of your lash line. So before putting them on you want to first make sure they fit which may or may not require some trimming on your part. Make sure you have good lash glue. I’ve tried many but I have to say one of my top choices for lash glue is from House of Lashes, it is very light, dries to a tacky state relatively fast and once you take them off you don’t generally get that gluey gooey sticky residue afterwords. Try these steps the next time you put on your lashes.

1.) Apply eyelash glue to your false eyelashes completely along the strip (you may need to trim before hand depending on the length of your lash line). After applying the lash glue place them back on their lash tray so that they semi dry to a tacky finish, this makes applying them much easier.

2.) I recommend lining your upper lash line with a penciled liner for more guidance and plus extra lash line coverage.

3.) Hold the false strip between your thumb and index finger and position the strip to the middle of your eyelid along your lash line. I recommend using a q-tip to tap down the lash onto your lash line from the middle to your outer corners. Some people use tweezers or an angled brush but that comes with greater risk of injuring yourself so use your best judgement and what you are most comfortable with.

4.) Now you can apply your mascara so that it blends in nicely with the faux ones. This also helps with concealing any make powder that may have collected on your natural eyelashes.

5.) Remember to take your lash glue with you just in case of beauty emergencies.

Need More Instruction? Check out this video by Still on applying false lashes.