Luminous Skin Is In

Almost every woman wants it and now it is easier than ever to get it with the right highlighting products. Conturing and highlighting are pretty much common place right now, so using a good highlighter is essential for achieving that luminous look.

With that being said, this spring, we will be launching our luminous face and body highlighter, formulated with shea butter, coconut butter, vitamin E and other skin moisturizers, our highly photo-reflective pigments blend instantly to accentuate and brighten your skin but leaves either a subtle or extreme radiance based on how much you apply. Our highlighters glide on effortlessly, leaving a velvety smooth feel, it will come in 4 gorgeous shades, with one of those shades being an unconventional holographic beauty! Our highlighters are artisan made and always tested only on happily volunteering humans, never animals. The jumbo highlighter stick comes in a generous 1 ounce sized push up tube that can go with you anywhere. We made it this size so that it lasts longer than your standard highlighter and is more convenient for body and face application.


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I can’t wait for this to come out so I can try it! Do you have a sample or image of what some of the highlighter colors will look like? Also are they cream to powder highlighters or just cream?

Megan W. April 21, 2017

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