The long awaited launch is finally over on November 26, 2016. That is the day that Poshology launched their skincare and beauty line. They will start off their launch with 15 products from their line which include, exfoliating scrubs, body butters, eau de parfum, facial clays, face toner mists and hydrating lip salves. 

While only skincare, beauty products and fragrances are currently the main sellers to start, Poshology, being a lifestyle boutique will eventually introduce a clothing line, a men's personal grooming line, cosmetics line, home goods, jewelry & accessories, nail lacquers and products from other artisan designers which has been the initial plan since inception. So sign up for the newsletter to find out when new items are introduced. It is the sure fire way to stay in the loop of this growing brand.

The overall look and feel is very minimalistic, elegant, and timeless with affordable pricing. People who love simplicity, style and luxury will love Poshology.