Vday Collection

Coconut + Rose Water Toner (4oz)

100% Organic coconut and rose water face toner will balance skin, tighten pores, reduces puffiness around eyes and refreshen skin. This toner mist is formulated together with witch hazel that... Learn More

$ 24.00

Rose Clay Facial Mask (2oz)

100% Natural clay mask is mild and gentle enough for all skin types and does not deplete the skin of it’s natural oils. Kaolin rose clay is a natural exfoliator... Learn More

$ 18.00

Rose Lip Salve (1oz)

Rose Lip Salve (1oz)

Artisan lip salve made with the best moisturizing and nourishing oils to soothe dry or chapped lips.This salve is truly a lip saver with it’s soft light rose flavor and... Learn More

$ 3.50

-$ 7.00