Nocturnal- Luxury Wax Melts

$7.50 USD

Description: Our captivating nocturnal luxury wax melt will provide you with the experience of a fragrant candle, minus the flame. This fragrance is like being next to a rich, smokey, warm charcoal and wood fireside on a chilly night. Our melts are approximately  2.1 ounces each and come in a bar of 12 snappable cube melts.

Fragrance Characteristics: Dark + Smokey + Rich

Usage Information: Add 1-2 cubes to the warmer depending on your desired fragrance intensity. The melts can be reused but over time they will lose their fragrance strength and you will need to add new melts to the melt warmer. 

Our Wax Melts: Are non-toxic, clean burning wax, vegan and cruelty free wax, coconut soy wax. Color and size may vary due to the fact that these melts are handcrafted. Suitable for use in tea light warmers or UL listed electric wax warmers that have been approved for wax melts only.

*Please note that the colors may vary from batch to batch of wax melts and also the colors on your monitor may not reflect the actual color of the product. This product is generally slate gray in color.

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