We create our artisan products in small batches so that our products are as fresh and effective as possible. We in no way advise the use of our products to replace any medical or healthcare providers recommendations treatments. Our products are strictly for external use only.

If you have a medical condition or allergies to specific ingredients, please seek advice from your physician. Our products are not intended for the treatment, diagnosis, cure or prevention of any diseases. Poshology™ will not be held liable or responsible for any problems, illnesses or damages direct or indirect from our products. By purchasing our products on our site you are completely aware of our disclaimer and therefore use the products at your own risk.

As with any product we always recommend that you do a patch test before using any new beauty or skincare product because each person could react differently to different products. If you should experience any allergic reactions, redness, irritation or breakouts, discontinue use immediately.

Each of our artisan products follow a recipe, however, due to the fact that our artisan products are handmade we do not use chemical preservatives, therefore we cannot guarantee that we will be able to duplicate the exact product of what you see in images or from your previously ordered Poshology products. This is because of some of the organic products we use as well as light differences or climate changes involving interior climates and exterior. Our products may vary from batch to batch, either in color or natural sediment which is normal, and no two products are exactly alike, but please note that we do follow our exact recipes for every batch.

We are not responsible for any issues or problems due to the misuse of our products. To prevent bacterias from forming on your product as with any product, it is important that you follow the storage instructions on the packaging if applicable.
Poshology is a Cruelty Free Company. To read disclaimer please click here!