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About Us

Poshology™ is an online lifestyle boutique that currently offers a range of quality

artisan skincare, beauty and fragrance products, which are hand designed in the Poshology studio in small batches to maintain maximum quality so that we can give them the proper attention to detail that you deserve. All Poshology artisan creations feature eco-friendly minimalist packaging, to show love and respect for the environment.

  Poshology is about style, beauty, class, confidence and charisma, invoking a particular mindset and attitude. We believe that high quality ingredients, clean lines and minimal design is luxuriously posh, which you will experience in our products and packaging that is also reusable and recyclable. All of our artisan skincare and beauty is 100% organic and vegan. 


Our overall mission is to know our customers well and to always exceed their expectations and continue to introduce new and exciting products so that you can experience the full benefits of the Poshology lifestyle.

Yes, we are an online boutique but we feel that is not an excuse not to offer a personal and unbeatable shopping experience that our customers deserve.