Former Graphic + Web designer Pasha Lowery, started Poshology® in 2009 as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. In 2013 due to her growing frustration with the lack of clean beauty and affordable luxury fragrances as well as knowing full well she could create high quality clean beauty products on her own through extensive research, testing and her experience in perfumery. The brand introduced their skincare and fragrance line in 2016. People took notice to the amazing skin benefits they were experiencing and to the intoxicating fragrances that she creates and it was then that she knew she had something that works. Everything you see and experience with Poshology®, from the branding to the formulas and aesthetics is 100% sourced, handcrafted and curated by her.
In 2020 the brand expanded to offer a range of affordable luxury products such as color cosmetics, home fragrance + decor, lashes, accessories and more. They will continue to deliver high quality products.
  Poshology is all things posh, Poshology is "Sophistication Defined"™, it is about style, beauty, class and confidence, invoking a particular mindset and attitude.