Review/Sponsorship Guidelines

Product Request Guidelines:

We often get requests for products from beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and also request for sponsorships from companies having special events. While we are thrilled to receive this type of attention and exposure, we have to set some guidelines for the sake of our stock and inventory when it comes to our cosmetics, skincare and bath body lines considering we make these high quality items in small batches.


Please consider that we are a minimal luxury lifestyle brand that is cruelty free and our skincare, body care, fragrance and beauty products are all handcrafted and made in small batches so keep this in mind when deciding if we are a good match for your blog or category. We reserve the right to decide whether or not our brand will be compatible to your blog or social media content.


Whether you would like to request products to review for your blog & or social media or if you would like to request products for sponsorship of your event, please read the following criteria before contacting us so that you know what we are looking for from you as well.



Sponsorship Request:

Please note that we have been getting a lot of requests for sponsorship, so in order to ensure that your request is reviewed in a timely manner and If you would like to be considered for sponsorship by Poshology for your event, we ask that you;


-Provide a written request via email at; within a minimum of 60 days in advance of the event date.

-A written request however does not automatically guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. No phone requests will be considered.

-You will be required to add a link via your website back to ours.

-You will be required to add our logo and website address to your print materials should you have any.

-You will be required to tag us in your social media posts pertaining to the event we are sponsoring.


*Please note that we may also use your images for our promotion of your event on our social media as well which will be beneficial for you, as we will credit your images.



Blog, Social Media Product Review Request:

We would love to collaborate with you! However we need to be responsible and make sure that our collaboration makes sense for our brand and for you as well beforehand. To be considered for collaborations or product reviews, you must meet the following criteria;


-You will need to link back to our website within your blog post article on the particular product or products that you’re reviewing and, or social media platforms.

-You must have at least a minimum of 10,000 legitimate followers on Instagram, At least a minimum of 6’000 on Facebook, a minimum of 5,000 on Twitter or Youtube. You do not have to have all of these social media platforms either. The one we require the most however is an Instagram account.

-You must have clear or high resolution images of the featured products on your blog and social media accounts and please tag us accordingly.

-We understand blogging is a lot of work so to ensure you have time to prepare your material, you will be required to post the review, article or social media post within 7- 17 days after receiving products. This also will ensure that we keep adequate inventory and also that we will have the item available on our website for potential purchase.


*If you meet these criteria and agree with guidelines, please email us at